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Triathlete turned Triathlon Coach with the DFW Tri Club and the SMU Triathlon Club.  Proud husband and father.

Mark grew up in Los Angeles and attended UC Santa Barbara.  Upon graduation, he worked at a Big 4 Accounting Firm and received his CPA license.  Athlete and entrepreneur at heart, he is on a life-long journey of learning and helping.  He’s eager to share lessons and stories!

Coaching Certifications/Experience:
  • USAT Certified Coach (Level I)
  • TrainingPeaks University
  • TrainingPeaks Endurance Summit (2015)
  • DFW Tri Club Coaching School
  • DFW Tri Club Lactate Threshold Clinic
  • DFW Tri Club Swim Basics Coach
  • Director of Group Training – DFW Tri Club
  • DFW Tri Club Coach of the Year (2014-2015)
Favorite (Relevant) Books:

These are the books that I have read related to Triathlon. It is in approximate order of what I’ve read them in, which mirrors my Triathlon Journey. Note, just because it’s listed here does not mean that I fully support the message! But I did read it and there was likely something to take away from it, even if I didn’t agree with everything in the book. Please leave a comment if you see a book that I’ve missed, but should read!

  • The 4-Hour Body, Ferris
  • The Triathlete’s Training Bible, Friel
  • Total Immersion, Laughlin
  • Wheat Belly, Davis
  • Born to Run, McDougall
  • Good Calories, Bad Calories, Taubes
  • A Life Without Limits (Chrissie Wellington), Armstrong
  • I’m Here to Win, Vandehey, McCormack
  • Paleo Diet For Athletes, Cordain & Friel
  • Brain Training for Runners, Fitzgerald
  • Power Meter Handbook, Friel
  • Chi Running, Dreyer
  • Deep Survival, Gonzales
  • Fitness Confidential, Tortorich
  • Swim Speed Secrets, Taormina
  • The 50 Best Tips Ever For Running, Welle
  • The Sports Gene, Epstein
  • Once a Runner, Parker
  • Faster: Demystifying The Science of Triathlon Speed, Gourley
  • Training & Racing with A Power Meter, Coggan & Allen
  • Metabolic Efficiency Training, Seebohar
  • The Well Built Triathlete, Dixon
  • Fast After 50, Friel
  • The Champion’s Mind, Afremow
  • Strength Training For Triathletes, Hagerman
  • Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports, Noakes

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