Favorite Articles

On this page, I post articles that I’ve enjoyed reading or referred to in one of my blog articles.  Pick a subject and enjoy!


“I’m a triathlete and I don’t kick when I swim” 

The Race Club video on inertia 

Sun Yang’s swim form and finding your “Signature Kick”

Endurance Corner: Ten things I wish I knew about Triathlon Swimming

Bill Ruth flutter kick video


Confused about bike gears? Check out the first half of this article for some definitions.


Best article I’ve seen on Plantar Fascists


One of the coolest workouts I’ve seen: Galen Rupp’s strength routine


Good one on Racing Weight

Performance Testing (Lactate Threshold)

The information on www.lactate.com could be a class by itself.

A good summary from Kravitz & Dalleck.

I really liked this summary from Trevor Connor and Velo News, including the follow up article that delve into a couple minor objections.


Best advice yet on Ice Baths: periodize!

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