Performance Testing

Testing is performed using the latest technology. Bike testing is done using a Wahoo Kickr for precise power output, rather than relying on you to keep to a certain power output on a basic trainer. After the test, we do not just give you zones, we give you all of your data. We are there for you after the test to interpret the results or to work with your coach so they can serve you best.

Sign Up

To sign up for testing, please visit:

The cost is $100/test.

When setting your schedule, please make sure you DO NOT do any strenuous exercising the day of or the day before being tested. Do not do anything in the 2-3 days before that may cause Delayed Onset Muscle Fatigue as that could still affect you on the day of the test. (So avoid a heavy leg strength day on Tuesday if you have not done one in a while and you are being tested on Thursday.) If you have been working out consistently and have a decent effort bike 2 days before the test, you should be okay.

Rear Cassette (Need to know this before you visit)

If you are doing a Bike Test, please send an email to Coach Mark at with the following information regarding your rear cassette:

  1. What brand? Is it A) Shimano, SRAM or compatible? Or is it B) Campagnolo or compatible?
  2. How many gears to you have? Or in other words, how many cogs are in the cassette? You can count the number of cogs (not to be confused with teeth, which the chain grips to turn the wheel). They typically come in 7 speed through 11 speed.

If you can’t figure out these questions, please take a picture of it and email to

What to bring

Please remember to bring the following:

  1. Towel
  2. Water or sports drink
  3. Heart Rate Monitor
  4. Watch or computer to view your heart rate data
  5. Bike (if you are doing the bike test)
  6. Bike Shoes (if you are doing the bike test)

If you don’t have or  forget #1-4, I can help you with this. But you’ll definitely want to bring your own bike and bike shoes, so don’t forget those!

Summary of testing procedures

The run and the bike test are performed at my testing studio by appointment only. I will send you the address after a confirmed appointment. After a warm up of approximately 10 minutes, I will start taking blood samples from your finger (or ear lobe, upon request) every 5 or so minutes. After every sample, we will increase the effort until you cannot continue for another 5 minutes. This is a strenuous workout.

The Bike Test is performed on a Wahoo Kickr. To do this, we remove your rear tire and connect the chain on your bike to the rear cassette of the Kickr. (This saves your rear tire extra wear and tear, as opposed to performing the test on a traditional trainer or CompuTrainer or a basic trainer.)

The Run Test is performed on a treadmill, which is capable of going up to 12 mph, plus incline if necessary.

If you bring an iPod or other portable music player, you may bring your own song playlist (optional).

This is a strenuous workout. If you have any health issues, please consult your doctor beforehand. Athlete can stop at any time for any reason. It is the Athlete's responsibility to notify the Tester if they feel faint, dizzy, ill, sick to their stomach, or anything else unusual. Tester is not a physician or medical practitioner. Tester is not responsible for any adverse health consequences resulting from the testing procedure.

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